hi i’m maria gottwig. an ossetian-german artist, illustrator and designer and a lifelong learner ;) 

my work is dominated by the dialogue of graphic design and fine arts. the representative of my style is an expressive vital stroke dancing between monochrome spaces and glowing colours. my work incorporates the the right measures of both - minimalism and emotive impulsiveness - to create elegant, often abstract and intense visuals.


i love

the line: my passion is the stroke. its my way to correlate myself with my environment. through my stroke i overcome distances, and i unite spaces and world: my aim is to build bridges.

{kree-eyt} : the word to create (meant as to give birth to sth. and to make sth. grow.)

travelling: to be on the road is to stay curious and to enjoy the change. 

the -logypsychology & sociology & astrology - everything that explores the human and gives a various insight on his identity.


on drawing

for me, drawing and creating is one of the most successful ways to meet yourself, to get in touch with who you are, while other stuff is more likely to distance oneself from yourself. i draw with everything getting into my hands. what is important is that the media and material i use support the subject that i want to communicate.

my preferred material/technique is ink. i love to mix it up with watercolors, oil pastels and carbon and let this fusion work for me. to work with it is not to reproduce the subject correctly or exactly, but it allows me to understand and capture its spirit, the temperament and liveliness. it supports me to capture the unseen. this fits well with my expressive and impulsive nature, represented by my expressive line. for me drawing is a sensual process, close to life, something really instinctive and intuitive. for me to draw a line is to pulse, to make me feel alive!


on inspiration

there is nothing more inspiring for me than a white sheet of paper and the brush or a piece of carbon in my hand. usually, i simply get started and go with the flow.

another important source of inspiration is encounters with others. i get inspired by their light and shadows, the reflection of their personalities, by their tonality, by the way they desire and love, by the manner they relate to me.

furthermore I'm inspired by my colleagues works and their professional approach, by collaborations the creation with others.

to stay motivated i always search for an emotional bond with the subject i am working on.


educational background

my training as a designer and illustrator began in germany in a vocational school and was completed at the university of fine arts, continuing with different experiences of study and work, even in italy , who have helped me to identify the illustration and calligraphy as my main means of expression.


my services

i develop and provide creative services to clients in the sector of education, arts and fashion.

i offer illustration & lettering for advertising, magazines, websites, logotypes, patterns, print products - flyers, brochures where illustration or calligraphy is a key-visual.

the pricing dependents on many factors - e.g. on the amount of the service, the value it adds on the companies identity and the amount of the circulation.

my past projects have included the following services: calligraphic type, advertising illustration, book illustration, brand development, corporate design, logo typing, fashion illustration.

got a project? or a request? say hello. let's work together.